There are numerous regulations limiting or prohibiting the discharge of oily water into the bodies of water worldwide. These regulations continue to get tougher causing fines and corporate liability to increase.

Until we developed and patented 'The Oil Eliminator' line of products, there were few, if any, compact and cost effective solutions to break tough emulsions and bring oily water discharge to below allowable limits, let alone non-detectable limits.

None of the big names in the industry had cartridges available that would come close to what 'The Oil Eliminator' is able to do in a single pass.  Their cartridge technologies ranged from the basic polypropylene cartridge, to polymeric surfactant infused cartridges, modified polymer filled cartridges, modified cellulose cartridges, and modified organoclay cartridges and bulk media vessels. While each is capable of removing the free oil and grease in low concentrations, none have much of an effect on high concentrations of oil, mechanical emulsions, surfactant based emulsions, or on water soluble hydrocarbons.  The Oil Eliminator is different!  It performs in all these situations, without compromise.

An Arsenal

While other manufacturers build a single technology and try to market it as a solution to any oily water problem, Vigilant Environmental Solutions has an Arsenal of cartridges and media available to solve each unique problem. Our cartridges and media combine multiple methods to remove the oils and hydrocarbons, which include absorption, adsorption, chemisorption, electro-adhesion, and ion exchange.  Each of our cartridges, when put head to head against the competition, will outperform them in every respect, yet each series, media, and build has its own particular strength. By manufacturing several cartridge technologies, we are able to leverage the strengths of each to provide you with a solution that will work, where others typically fail.  
Influent 388 PPM HFO/DO: 2.5” x 10” cartridges with 160 ml of oil in at sample time. Effluent cartridge 1: Test Method EPA-1664 Non-detect. Effluent cartridge 2: Test Method EPA-8015, C6 - C10 = 0.4 PPM, C10 - C22 = Non-detect, C22 - C36 = Non-detect
400 PPM

The Oil Eliminator series of 

cartridges are superior to

the competing cartridges

currently on the market, both

in discharge performance,

and holding capacity.  Time 

after time, test after test, both

in house and by customers,

The Oil Eliminator proves to

provide superior effluent.
Keeping the World's Waters Clean
by providing oil free discharge
The Oil Eliminator® Series
 When it has to be oil free.